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Maximizing Engagement Through Strategic Content Sharing

At Brokeredge, our mission is to create captivating and engaging content that resonates with your audience. As we approach September, a crucial period for the Fall market, we want to help you navigate the ever-evolving landscape, especially with discussions about a possible recession and ongoing shifts in interest rates. Many clients are feeling uncertain about the best course of action to prepare for these changes. This is an opportune moment for you to enhance your social media presence. As a valued client, here's how you can leverage our services to meet your followers' needs effectively:

  1. Story Sharing Strategy: Every static post that we craft for you can be shared in your stories. This approach allows you to spotlight our content in a visually appealing and temporary format. Additionally, when you share these posts in your stories, consider tagging a realtor partner whom you believe would find the information valuable. To maintain aesthetics, position the photo to overlay the tags discreetly.

  2. Caption-to-Video Conversion: Take advantage of the captions we provide for static posts to create video content. Repurpose the content by transforming the written message into engaging video narratives that resonate with your audience.

  3. Cross-Promotion on TikTok: Extend the reach of your content by duplicating video content and cross-posting it on TikTok. This platform's growing popularity can introduce your content to a broader audience, enhancing your online visibility.

As we gear up for September, we're actively working on content creation. If you have specific topics, ideas, or a wishlist for content you'd like us to generate, please don't hesitate to share your thoughts via email. We'll ensure your requests are addressed promptly, either this month or in the following months if they align with our content schedule. Just hit "reply" to this email to communicate your preferences.

Additionally, we have some timely video ideas for you to consider working on:

  1. Mortgage Renewal Strategy: With 2024's January approaching, if your mortgage is up for renewal, consider creating a video explaining the benefits of a rate hold. This strategy safeguards your lower rate, regardless of future rate fluctuations, providing security and peace of mind to your clients. Emphasize the advantage of pre-approval in an increasing rate environment, and invite viewers to reach out for a call.

  2. Bank of Canada Update: On September 6th, when sharing a Bank of Canada update, offer your insights, thoughts, and potential impacts. Highlight the significance for clients with variable rate mortgages, ARMs, unsecured lines of credit, and HELOCS. Explain the implications for clients' mortgage payments per $100K with potential rate increases or if no change occurs. Consider sharing the market's perspective and how it aligns with the Bank of Canada's economic assessment.

  3. Bank Holiday Reminder: As September 30th approaches, remind your viewers, clients, and realtors to consider moving closing dates to October 2nd for convenience around the bank holiday. This thoughtful tip showcases your dedication to their convenience.

We're here to collaborate and ensure your content strategy aligns seamlessly with the dynamic market environment. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions or suggestions, or if you'd like to discuss these strategies further.


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