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Brokeredge Webinars

  • Initial set up

  • Connect to your existing and new deals

  • Key starting point to get Brokeredge working for you right away

  • Areas to focus on that will help you get your CRM working for you right away

  • Recommended daily practices to stay on top of your data efficiently

  • Steps to build out your own customizations

  • Understanding Contact Stages

  • How to easily add new leads to the CRM

  • How to segregate leads

  • How to automate drip campaigns for contacts and mortgages

  • Sending emails and texts directly to clients

  • How to send mass emails, and add merge fields

  • Using email templates

  • Tips for creating your automated journeys

  • Google/Outlook contacts

  • Lead source integrations like Calendly

  • How to use Zapier

  • Text messaging

  • Create and automate your own custom journey

  • Automate emails and tasks based on your new stages

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