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Brokeredge for Canadian Mortgage Brokers and Agents

Make your CRM work for you

Simplify your business operation with smarter tools that work with almost no manual input.  You'll be surprised how easy it can be.


A fully integrated, easy to use CRM for Canadian mortgage brokers

Brokeredge CRM integrates directly with your mortgage origination portal.  The platform is designed to minimize manual input - clients and mortgages move seamlessly through life cycles triggering smart workflows along the way.

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Simple & Approachable Workflow

Workflows are set up out of the box, but you can easily customize them if that's your thing.  In addition to standard mortgage information, the system will automatically track income, refinances, and external mortgages.


Automatically Connect to Your Submission Platform

Port your existing CRM data over and easily integrate Brokeredge CRM with Finmo, Scarlett DOS, Filogix and Velocity.  New contacts and mortgages are automatically created, and move seamlessly from stage to stage.


Integrate with Industry Leading Software

Automate lead capture, external list population, and more. Connect Brokeredge to Gmail or Outlook contacts, Calendly, Twilio, Zapier, and leading mortgage services effortlessly.

Streamline Your Communication

Spend less time checking notifications, manually entering information, sending emails, or tracking your calendar.  Smart workflows will keep in touch with your clients automatically via email or text with your own customized content. 

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Secure and Scalable Architecture

Data is fully encrypted and the platform is built on state-of-the-art, scalable, cloud infrastructure hosted on Microsoft Azure.  A multi-site disaster recovery plan ensures Brokeredge CRM is always available.  The platform is secured via role-based access, multi-factor authentication, and single sign-on using OAuth 2.0 OpenID Connect.


Built with the full brokerage in mind

How Do We Make Your Team Life Easier? 

Organization Level Reporting

Predict and Track Income

Role-Level Sharing

Keep in the Loop with Team Chat

Want to learn more?

  • What deal origination systems do you support?
    Brokeredge CRM can connect to your data from Finmo, Scarlett DOS, Velocity and Filogix.
  • Can I update Brokeredge CRM with my existing data?
    Yes, we've made it easy to import external data on your own. It isn't always intuitive to get the data yourself, but we're here to help. As part of the onboarding process, we'll be happy to help get your data in, so you can start fresh, with everything you need.
  • How do I connect to my deal origination system?
    If you are part of a team which is already using Brokeredge, connecting to your deal origination system is automatic. Otherwise, we will help you with connecting to your system. The process for connecting to each is below.: Finmo: you will need to request the API token from your broker owner. Once we have the API key, we will help you set up resthooks on your Finmo account to automatically push data to Brokeredge. Velocity: you can get an API token directly from your Velocity settings page. Once we have the API key, we will help you set up a webhook on your Velocity account to automatically push data to Brokeredge. Filogix: you will need to request the approval to connect to Filogix from your broker owner. Once we have approval, Filogix will establish the connection to Brokeredge. The process can take about a week. Scarlett: you can get an API token directly from your Scarlett settings page. Once we have the API key, your Scarlett deals will automatically begin to update into Brokeredge.
  • Do I need Canva Pro to have the content?
    Technically no… you can use the free version. You will have to delete the stock photos we have placed in holders with the free Canva version because we use Canva Pro to make you exceptional templates with multiple photos, images and stock resources. That being said the captions are where the true value is. You could simply have the captions and use your own images for each post if you wanted to in order to limit Canva or use the free version. Our suggestion is to use Canva Pro for the full value of our services.
  • When will the images for the next month be available? Will I be able to see past months?
    The release date for content will be the 22nd of each month. We believe in lucky numbers and 22 is ours. You can log in each month to see a fresh new batch of content. If you wanted to go back and use prior months you will have access to these templates too.
  • Who would be a good fit for Brokeredge Social?
    We created the content planner to simplify the broker and agent process. New agents will find the content planner useful so you can have content pre planned in advance while you focus on making connections in your business with other circle of influence (COI), potential clients and partners. New agents come to us all the time saying “I don’t know what to post.” We have taken the guesswork out of the content for you. Existing or experienced agents and brokers will find value in our service. With the world being so busy social media posts can often fall to the wayside. Missing out on content creation means you are missing out on a major lead source that is almost passive opportunities Brokeredge content creation will allow you to plug and play while you work on other lead generation.
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